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04-Mar-2018 08:00 17:00
Abstract: EV0766
Reliability and Validity of Inventory of Suggestibility - Romanian Version. A Factor Analysis

Introduction. The Inventory of Suggestibility developed by Héctor González Ordi and Juan Jose Miguel-Tobal in 1999 provides a general measure of suggestibility that contains four subscales: dreaming/ fantasize, absorption, emotional involvement and influencing by others.

Objectives. The purpose of the study is to translate, revise and adapt the Inventory of Suggestibility from Spanish to Romanian and to identify the factor structure of the items. 

Methods. This scale was translated into Romanian and it was administered to 164 subjects, with the age between 18 and 62 (M = 24.05 ± 6.87), 61 males and 103 females. The statistical analysis of data was done using SPSS Statistics v23.0.0 for MAC.OSX.

Results. The results show that Cronbach's alpha for the entire scale is = 0.794, which indicates a good internal consistency. Exploratory principal components analysis of the items identified three factors: influencing by others, absorption and dreaming/fantasize. The items from the emotional involvement scale were distributed equally among the resulting three factors. Items 18 and 7 were eliminated because they had a very low item saturation, under 0.40.

Conclusions .The results of the present study suggest that the total score of the Inventory of Suggestibility is an internally consistent measure of suggestibility. We can conclude that this tool can be a good measure for assessing the level of hipnotizability, it's easy to use and it can be a great substitute for more time-consuming hipnotizability scales like the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility Form A or the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, Form A.

C. Dondas 1, M. Iorga 2, S. Socolov 3, I. Dafinoiu 1
1University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Psychology and Education Sciences, Iasi, Romania
2University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popa", Behavioral Sciences, Iasi, Romania
3"Gr. T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, General Medicine, Iasi, Romania